Practical Solutions For Debt Relief

We are building a company and a brand that can make real a difference in people’s lives. Marble offers the only platform that can get deserving Canadians out of debt and back on track to a responsible financial future. That’s the Marble Solution.

Current online lenders only compound the debt problem by enabling clients to kick the ‘Debt-Can’ further down the road. They offer loans to repay creditors, which only serves to defer the debt repayment. The debt simply changes hands in the form of a new loan and problem still remains: the client is still financially overleveraged and cannot afford the minimum monthly payments.

Online lenders do not offer clients an opportunity to get back on track by helping them tackle their debt problem at the source.

But Marble Does!

Aggregation-based technology is innovating digital financial solutions that are in turn, changing the way people interact with their personal finances. The Marble Financial solutions can help you create more personalized financial experiences.

Unlike companies that concentrate solely on debt consolidation products, our aim is to analyse your position in detail and examine the alternatives available to you.

The benefits of a restructuring loan:

  • Your creditors will be promptly paid in full
  • You will lower your monthly debt servicing payments
  • Maintain and even improve a good credit rating
  • Make one lower monthly payment instead multiple payments to different creditors
Marble Financial approves unsecured personal loans when banks won’t. A low or limited credit score or lack of personal assets shouldn’t stop you from clearing your debts and getting on with your life. Not only do we consider other information about you, we deliver a decision ASAP and fast-track approval.

If we are unable to provide you with financing at this time, we will offer alternative solutions for you to consider that, if implemented, will ensure your approval for a loan from Marble in the near future.

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