Can you wait 8 years to rebuild your credit?

With a Marble Loan, you can get back to mainstream banking within 24 months.

Compare your current Consumer Proposal repayment with one that will help improve your credit score.

Your Current Proposal

How much do you still have on your Consumer Proposal?


Marble Financial Rebuilding Strategy

Amount you could pay while rebuilding your credit



  • Making payments on your Consumer Proposal will not improve your credit score*
  • Takes up to 8 years to remove the consumer proposal from your credit report
  • Banks, Credit Unions and most ‘Underbanks’ will not lend to Canadians in a Consumer Proposal


  • Discharge your consumer proposal and receive an immediate credit score increase. Between 30 – 70 beacons*
  • Have your Consumer Proposal removed from your credit report in 3 years
  • Make additional payments or pay off your loan at any time without penalty
  • Get 4% back retroactive if you pay off within 24 months
  • Flexible terms so your monthly payments are similar to your consumer proposal payments
  • Removes the stigma of being in a Consumer Proposal and rejection from lenders

* beacon increase may vary depending on applicant

Our goal is to get you back to mainstream banking within 24 months and earn a 4% retroactive bonus

Improve your credit score with every payment.

By converting to a Marble loan, your credit score will improve immediately and continue to improve with every payment.

The quickest and smartest way to rebuild your credit

Paying your consumer proposal on time and banks still won't lend to you?

Mainstream Banking within 24 Months

Our proven credit rebuilding strategy works! We have helped over 1100 clients… what are you waiting for?

Transform you Credit Report

A consumer proposal is removed from your credit report three years after you pay it off... start the clock today.

We always let you know where you stand

In as little as 15 minutes you can fill out our simple application and we will pre-approve your loan if you meet our criteria.

With a Marble loan, you can get back to mainstream banking within 24 months.

We’ll help you every step of the way.

What our Clients Say

Marble Financial helped me conclude my consumer proposal 2 years sooner than I would have been able to otherwise. I'm now out of debt and saving for a house!
I was in a financial bind and your company helped me a lot to relieve the stress
We found the loan we got helped rebuild our credit. Very good to deal with
Marble Financial is a great way to improve the credit situation, very flexible and easy to work with. Thank you

Our proven credit rebuilding strategy has helped over 1100 people.

Let us do the same for you.

We’re Banking on your Success

Make additional payments or pay off your loan early with no penalties. Payoff or payout your loan with us within two years and receive a 4% interest rebate from us.

Watch your credit improve with every payment.

Know exactly where you are at and when your next payment is due so you never get behind again.

Build a budget and connect your accounts so you can learn how you are spending your money and make better decisions.

That’s the Marble Solution.

Let us coach you back to financial health.

Marble is on a mission to make a real difference in people’s lives with our unique socially responsible credit rebuilding strategy.

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