Marble Financial Debt Relief Options

Marble is a specialized lending company that focuses on the niche market of debt restructuring for borrowers across Canada. Our primary vision is to help credible and deserving individuals, families, and businesses who have fallen into financial hardship, turn their lives around and have a second chance at financial stability.

We can help you get started right away with a plan to get out of debt and regain financial stability, repay your debts with one manageable monthly payment, save thousands of dollars of interest, effectively manage all of your bills and living expenses.

  • Consumer Proposal
  • Debt Settlement
  • Credit Counselling
We are willing to help committed and deserving individuals and families get back on the road of financial stability that will ultimately lead to financial freedom.

Marble Financial has partnered with The Phoenix Fund to provide debt restructuring funding to individuals currently in a debt proposal for the past 24 months, or individuals working with a 4 Pillars Consultant.

Debt Restructuring Loan Option

The Phoenix Fund

The Phoenix Fund charges interest dependent upon a range of factors. We endeavour to build a strong portfolio which is as risk-averse as possible. Phoenix Fund management assesses each loan individually with particular emphasis on:

  • The type of borrower.
  • Employment of the borrower, the source of income and ability to repay the loan amount.
  • Any collateral or mortgage security provided by the borrower.
  • Any guarantors offered by the borrower.
  • The reasons the borrower became over-leveraged.
  • The length of the repayment terms.
If you have been involved with a consumer proposal for at least 24 months, we can switch you to a restructuring loan from The Phoenix Fund. To apply, complete our convenient online application form.

Apply For A Phoenix Fund Debt Restructuring Loan

Consumer Proposal & Credit Counselling Option

4 Pillars

4 Pillars consultants offer a variety of services specific to people in debt. They’ll outline the options available to you and walk you through the process. Your debt solution will likely be one of the following, which they will manage on your behalf.

A viable restructuring option for over 45,000 Canadians a year, a Consumer Proposal allows the consumer to seek legal protection from their creditors and pay back only a portion of what is owed.

Seeking bankruptcy protection is occasionally the only option. A 4 Pillars consultant offers experienced bankruptcy counsel. They’ll help you through it, and show you how to avoid it ever happening again.

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